PS4 Beeping and ejecting disc (or in my case not taking a disc and beeping intermittently all day) – solution:

After suffering this for what seems like an age (with unsuccessful attempts to resolve), and with the pending delivery of Wipeout Omega collection I though again I would trawl the internet for a solution.

Surprisingly I found one that resolved it immediately, simply by turning the manual disc eject screw a few times in the opposite direction for manual ejection (i.e. clockwise).  Follow this support article from Sony:

More information can be found on the Playstation community here:

Update:  It would appear through convection that the shiny removable cover on the PS4 naturally generates static which interferes with the touch buttons.  I have un-clipped this, though still leaving it in place; this has finally cured what appears to be a deisgn flaw!

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